Kontakt in Deutschland: Zbigniew Hanuszkiewicz, Tel. +49 178 5097503, E-Mail: hanusz@arcor.de

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Construction services

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In the construction services we perform paving on the foundation of cement and sand and laying granite stones. We provide services in Łódź and the surrounding area. We build single and multi-family houses.
Many years of experience in the construction industry allows us to use the latest technology. We build turnkey wooden houses of logs. All the information and advice in the field of construction may be obtained by contacting our company. Interior finishing with construction projects and interior design is also in our offer.

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In the field of construction services we provide:
· Realization of construction projects related to construction and reconstruction of residential
and industrial buildings
· Dismantling and demolition of buildings
· Site preparation
· Roofing and making underlying structures
· Plumbing , heating, gas and air conditioning installations
· Woodwork installation
· Thermal retrofitting of buildings
· Flooring: concrete floors, panels , boards, tiles, stoneware
· Plastering, painting, wallpapering
· Installation of dropped ceilings: acoustic Armstrong type
· Making the walls and ceilings of plasterboard
· Laying ceramic tiles, terracotta tiles and the decorative mosaics
· Laying hexagonal slabs, paving, granite and natural stones,
· Making all types of fencing
· Other unusual construction orders