Kontakt in Deutschland: Zbigniew Hanuszkiewicz, Tel. +49 178 5097503, E-Mail: hanusz@arcor.de

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Electro installations

Fotolia 82260045 XS
We make new electrical installations from projects provided and design them on customer’s request as well. We also build medium (15 kV) and low (0,4 kV) voltage distribution boards in public and private buildings. We maintain low-current installations, which include intercoms, videophones, security systems and CCTV. For four years we have been working with intelligent installations, we install solar panels and offer help in completing the formalities in the power company.

In the field of electrical services we provide:
· Installation of two and three-phase power systems, control and automation in industry
· Overhead cable connections 15 / 0.4 kV
· The latest lightning protection systems, so-called active protectionFotolia 105607302 XS
· Projects, measurements, assembly and repair of lightning protection systems
(traditional and active), overvoltage, compensatory and grounding.
· Design and installation of intelligent systems
· Testing and measurements in the installations and electrical appliances.
· 15 / 0.4 kV boards maintenance
· Design, installation and maintenance of 15 / 0.4 kV substations
· Electrical installations in building single and multi-family housing (intercoms and