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Interior arrangements and manufacturing

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· Residential interior design
· Shops and other public spaces design
· Exhibition stand design
· Individual projects that respond to the most sophisticated needs of the investor
· Unique view of the world

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· inventory (dimensioning of the actual floor space)
· space use project - dividing walls, furniture, lighting
· walls development including the colors, finishing materials and accessories – technical drawings with dimensions
· dropped ceilings designs
· laying floors projects
· permanent development projects - partitions and other built-in elements
· fireplaces designs
· lighting arrangement projects
· non-typical furniture designs
· bay development designs – cloaks cupboards, dressing rooms
· kitchen development designs
· interior designs
· wallpapers and stencil painting designs
· selection of finishing materials – wood block floors, floor panels, ceramic tiles, carpet, paints, decorative plasters, stencil painting designs, wallpapers, doors , window sills , etc.
· 3D visualisation of rooms
· a list of materials used in the projects
· estimates for individual material groups
· supervision and contact with contractors
· purchases on behalf of the client when agreed with an investor
· fair designs
· garden designs
· feng shui opinions

3D arrangements:
· interior visualisation
· products visualisation
· 3D animation

Cooperation with a professional overhaul team, a precise carpenter, a specialist in constructing fireplaces, a window decorations professional and many industry shops: ceramic sanitary ware, doors, panels, wood block floors, ceramic tiles, paints and decorative plaster, lighting, wallpaper.